In Search of Highland Rock

In Search of Highland Rock (August 2017)

Full description:

1820s England is not an easy place to be a female scientist, even if you are beautiful and brilliant like Alexandra. But she will not let that stop her work, nor her efforts to find a passionate soul mate. Her research takes her across Europe where she meets Calum MacLeod, heir to his clan and the most eligible man in Scotland. Although their friendship deepens, other women have a claim over him including the determined Lorna Hamilton, the only daughter of a rival clan leader and Eve, an aristocratic French girl, who is under his protection.

When Alexandra is invited to Scotland her discoveries turn the scientific world upside down and Calum also falls under her spell. However, she is soon the victim of a Hamilton clan conspiracy to exploit the MacLeod’s declining fortunes and new obligations have to be met. Murder and mayhem soon follow and her life hangs by a thread.

Will her own wits be sufficient to end the threat or will she have to rely on Eve, who must conquer her self-doubt and Lorna who definitely has her own agenda?



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